Maui Mat

Bring the Maui Mat with you on the lake - increase your water surface for ski platforms, kayak staging, tanning and relaxing or just as a general floating playground, dock or portable island.  This is not just a kids' toy - Maui Mat's are great for adult parties, too.

The pad is 6 feet wide x 20 feet long x 1-3/8 inches thick, weighing less than 30 lbs.  It has yellow and green surfaces with fun graphics.  The rolled pads are only 2 feet in diameter and are easy to carry and transport while being able to float with distributed weight of over 1300 pounds.

Each Maui Mat comes with two Velcro straps to hold the rolled pad in place for easy storage, as well as a mooring device which allows easy attachment of your pad to your boat, dock or pier.

You and all your friends can sit, walk, run and relax on this amazing pad.  It is virtually maintenance free without the puncture worries that come with inflatable probucts.  With reasonable care, it will give years of floating fun.

Pick your's up in our Ship Store  REG $649.   SALE PRICE $599 (pick up only)

HOLIDAY TRUCKLOAD SALE PRICE $499    (Plus Tax, offer ends December 20th)

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