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Common Issues

Engine does not crank/start
Causes: battery switch in off position | shifter in gear | battery dead

Engine cranks but does not start
Causes: saftey landyard off

Audio alarm going off
Causes: engine temp. overheat | low or no oil pressure | drive resivor low

Causes: high water alarm | CO2 monitor

These common issues are the top items that consumers will ask about throughout the boating season. These are quick items to look at prior to taking the boat to your local Certified Mercruiser Dealer for inspection.

Common Questions

Should I use Premium Blend or High Performance gear lube in my sterndrive?
High Performance gear lube is required in all Bravo and Alpha I Generation II sterndrives. It is recommended for use in all older sterndrives as well. Premium Blend and High Performance gear lube should never be mixed. Be sure to drain the unit completely if switching from one type of lube to the other

Is it better to change my engine oil/gear lube at the beginning or end of the season?
It is better to change the oil and gear lube at the end of the season, prior to storage. Lubricants naturally accumulate moisture, combustion by-products, and other
contaminants during use. It can be detrimental to store an engine or drive with large amounts of these contaminants present.

How often should I change my sacrificial anodes?
Because they are self-sacrificing, the anodes must be inspected often and replaced when 50% consumed.

What kind of spare parts should I carry on my boat for my MerCruiser?
Some suggested items would include a floating prop wrench, a spare prop and attaching hardware, spark plugs, belt(s), oil, power trim and steering fluid, High Performance gear lube, water separating fuel filter.

Do I still need to have winterization performed by my dealer if I have a self-drain system
on my engine?
The Drain system on your engine is NOT intended to replace full winterization. It is for extending your boating season by allowing the cooling system to be drained after use if there is a risk of light freezing weather and you will be boating the next day. For full extended winter storage we recommend that your product is winterized by an authorized Mercruiser dealer. Damage caused by freezing or improper winterization is not covered by the limited factory warranty.

Should my sterndrive be stored in the up or the down position?
If you store your sterndrive installed on your boat, you should keep it in the down position. Otherwise, the rubber bellows in the transom assembly can become permanently deformed and fail.

(The above listed questions and answers were aquired from www.mercurymarine.com)
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